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Electrical safety basic information

July 2nd, 2018|

Even if you do not have frequent contact with electrical   systems or equipment, some basic information about electrical safety must be kept in mind. Electrocutions and electrical injuries are very common in domestic and other places of electrical involvement. So, here are some basic things you must keep in mind regard to electrical safety.


  • At home, it is better that you don’t tamper with electrical equipment unless you have some experience in that area. If you have done a course in that field or are an electrician yourself then you can go ahead and do what you think maybe right. However, if you have no knowledge or sufficiently less knowledge about these things then it id advisable to stay away. Often, we think we know what to do but you actually may not.


  • If there seems to be something wrong electrically, in the house then wear protective clothes and gloves. If you are in a construction site then get protective devices for your safety. Find out what are the various protective electrical devices available for bigger spaces and smaller spaces.


  • You must also be aware of common electrical hazards. What are the kind of electrical accidents that may happen in your factory or at home. In the case of a factory setting the danger is on a much larger scale and thus you must certainly know what kind of electrical faults may take place and take the necessary precautions before any major accident happens.

  • You should know what are the basic effects that electricity has on human body. What kind of clothes to wear when you are near electrical equipment. Know what conducts electricity and what insulates electricity. Always wear shoes in electrically heavy spaces. Most importantly always remember that wood is a safe option to have around in terms of electricity conduction.


  • The human body is a conductor of electricity so never try to stop any electricity flowing with your bare hands or body. In term of any electrical fire explosion, remember that it can be due to overflow of electricity in a single wire or if the wire is damaged then there can be an electrical explosion.


  • When you are getting your house or factory wired remember to check that there are faulty wire connections. Electrical outlets must also be thoroughly checked in both domestic and factory settings. It is better to take precautions than to be sorry later on.

Different types of electrician

July 2nd, 2018|

There are many different types of electricians that are available for electrical work. You may think there can be only one type of electrician but there are actually many types of electricians that specialize in different kinds of electrical work. All electrical activity is not similar and differs for many reasons.


  • Domestic electrical installers- These are the type of electrician that you would call home for any small or big electrical work. They do all the odd jobs and the significantly important electrical jobs that are required to be done in a house setting. From fixing sockets too, install air conditioning wiring an entire house these electricians do all sorts of house electrical work.


  • Installation electrician- They are generally required for a larger scope of work. They work on installing electrical systems for a building, construction site or any large property. They work on the installation of security, fire protection, and lighting systems. They quite often do structure cabling for large spaces as well. This requires more complex electrical work as you are establishing electrical systems and not only fixing them up.


  • Maintenance electrician- As the name suggests these electricians do maintenance work. They check whether the existing electrical systems are working efficiently and effectively. They are also in charge of seeing whether they are working in a safe manner which is highly required for it to be. Maintenance of electrical work demands that not only should everything work efficiently but also in a safe and secure manner especially around human contact.


  • Electrotechnical panel builder- These electricians use programmable controllers and technology to build and manage electrotechnical panel builders that control systems for large air conditioning units, types of refrigeration and heating. With the boom of information technology, this kind of electricians is easily available.

  • Instrumentation electrician- These electricians work on commissioning, fault finding, and testing. These electricians basically check if the installation electricians have done their work right. They check if there are any major or minor faults in the system. Another job which is specific to them is building environmental control systems.


  • Electrical machine repair electricians- The name of these electricians pretty much give away what they do, which is they repair electrical machines. Like if transformers and compressors break down or need any kind of repairing these electricians are to be contacted.


  • Highway electrical system electrician- These electricians maintain and install electrical systems on the roads and highways. They are to take care of all highway electrical systems and traffic management systems.





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